Held captive and faced with their imminent executions, fifty strangers are forced to choose the one person among them who deserves to live.

  • 'Circle' Film Review

    Fifty strangers wake up in a dark room, where they immediately learn that unseen forces will vaporize them if they move.

    Alien abduction meets game-of-death strategizing in Circle, a bare-bones drama featuring a single location and dozens of very anxious actors. Making their feature debut, writers-directors Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione keep their ambitions in check, taking what easily could be a no-budget stage production and bringing just enough visual appeal to justify the cinematic treatment. It will be appreciated on the fest circuit, especially at genre-specific events, and may well introduce the duo to financiers for bigger outings in the future....

  • SIFF 2015: Twisted 'Circle' is an irresistible thought experiment

    Society loves a good label. After all, labels allow us to judge people without the hassle of actually talking to them. But what if these superficial judgements were a matter of life and death? That’s the question posed by the fascinating new psychological thriller, Circle. Writer-directors Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione mix satire, horror, and science fiction into an irresistible social experiment that puts all of us under the microscope. Relentless and gripping, Circle is a battle royal for “civilized” society....